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  Section 1: Becoming a PMP - Where to Start

You want to prepare for your PMP® exam and you probably have many questions...

But don't worry, because you have come to the right place!

In this course we will answer every possible question that you may have about the PMP Exam and how to prepare it properly!

In this introductory module, we will begin with:

  • The PMP Exam requirements
  • Discussing the resources you will need for your studies
  • Show you sample exam preparation strategies
  • ...and a lot more topics that you will find valuable.

And of course, no exam prep course could be complete without PMP exam tips. You'll find those highlighted in each section.

Getting Started

We recommend that you start by reviewing the table of contents just below to quickly find the answers to your most pressing questions.


  • Introduction
  • Where to start?
    • Read PMP® Handbook & Documents
  • Set up your learning environment!
    • You need breaks!
    • You need a learning place!
    • Get your study materials!
  • Take it like a Pro!
  • Develop your personal learning strategy!
  • Practice, practice, practice – is the key!
  • Featured PMP Exam Lessons Learned

Download the attached PDF file

Read the content thoroughly. Print the checklists and any pages you may want to archive.

When you have read and followed all the advice in Section 1, continue with the next section.

PS: If you do have any questions or feedback for us please let us know in the comments. We take your comments seriously and will try to develop this course further, based on your feedback, to provide the world's best PMP Exam preparation guide!

Markus & Mike

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