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A Deep Dive into Project Skills for Serious Practitioners

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Project Manager's Immersion Program

A Deep Dive into Project Management Skills for Serious Practitioners

[One of] 'the six best online project management courses'

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Three reasons why these courses may be right for you...

These courses are designed to help project managers get skills they can use tomorrow, that will last you a lifetime.

You want to get into project management, but it just hasn't happened... yet.

Click here if this sounds like you.

You need to take on a project that puts you well outside your comfort zone.

Click here if this sounds like you.

Poor project management compromises the service your team is delivering.

Click here if this sounds like you.

You want to get into project management, but it just hasn't happened... yet.

Start your Journey to Becoming a Successful Project Manager, without waiting for other People to See your Potential

You know you want to be a project manager.
And you know you have the potential to be a good one... maybe a great project manager.
But nobody else believes you.

So, every day, opportunities seem to pass you by, while your colleagues get their chances.
It feels like you are treading water at best... and even getting swept backwards, maybe.

But there is a solution

I have had over 12 years as a successful project manager in business, and then another twelve years as a full time project management trainer, writer, and coach. I have found the best ways to teach project management. I have created a logical, easy to follow, step-by-step course.

This course will give you the practical skills you need to start managing a project tomorrow.

So now, you will be able to demonstrate that you are ready to get started. You will have the knowldege you need to show you are ready for those opportunities, and you'll be able to start to become the project manager you know you can be.

Below this, you can see the details of my Project Manager's Immersion Program. This is our most comprehensive course, available now, to give you what you need when you need it, and to give you a solid launch for your Project Management career.

"The unique thing about the training from OnlinePMCourses is that you can interact with your trainer. This isn’t a study-in-isolation type programme, although of course you can do that if it suits your learning style. Mike is committed to giving you the support you need to make the course a success, so he has included a comments section in every module of the course. Ask your question and he’ll get back to you.

The videos are very short and the content is structured in a logical way that enables you to dip into whatever you need advice on at the time (that goes for all the courses that have video).

I like how the content builds, and there are decent upgrade paths too, so if you want to take a more in depth course you aren’t financially worse off than if you had just chosen that one first."

... Elizabeth Harrin, Project Manager & Blogger

You need to take on a project that puts you well outside your comfort zone.

Deliver your Project with Confidence, without that feeling that you are Out of Control and Uncertain what to do Next

You've been given responsibility for a project that will stretch you well beyond your experience and your comfort zone.

And you also know that you will be judged on your performance on this project.
Fouling up is not an option you relish.

But there is a solution

I have had over 12 years as a successful project manager in business, and then another twelve years as a full time project management trainer, writer, and coach. I have found the best ways to teach project management. I have created a logical, easy to follow, step-by-step course.

This course will give you the practical skills you need to start managing a substantial project tomorrow.

So now, you will be able to start your project confidently, know how to set it up robustly, and move from stage to stage.
You will feel in control of your project, and confident of delivering the successful results that everyone expects of you.

Below this, you can see the details of my Project Manager's Immersion Program. This is our most comprehensive program, that will give you the confidence to get started, and know that you'll have the information to anticipate what's coming next and handle it effectively, throughout your project.

"Mike covers all the key topics a project manager needs to know in his Skills Mastery Program and it's clear throughout the course that Mike not only understands the theory, but also what works practically and offers tips, tricks and pitfalls to watch, that only an experienced practitioner knows. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to grasp the key concepts of good project management."

... Chris O'Halloran, Project Manager & Agile Coach

Poor project management compromises the service your team is delivering.

Improve your Profit Margins, while Delighting your Customer, without the high Cost of Live Training and the Short-term Hit on your Staff's Availability

Your company's projects are running behind schedule.
Things are getting missed, your customers are getting annoyed, and your managers are overspending your budget.

Each time a project manager over-runs and disappoints one of your customers, you need to spend yet more to put things right.
But, more important, it is damaging your reputation.

But there is a solution

I have had over 12 years as a successful project manager in business, and then another twelve years as a full time project management trainer, writer, and coach. I have found the best ways to teach project management. I have created a logical, easy to follow, step-by-step course.

This course will give you all the practical skills you or your people need to start managing a project tomorrow.

So now, you will be able to give each of your project managers the comprehensive Project Management training they need, at times that work for your business.
You can select the right level of course for each one, and upgrade the courses when you choose to.
you can keep a clear track of your spending, and you will get the training your business needs.

With trained project managers, you will quickly see real results:

  • on time delivery
  • on budget completion
  • delighted customers

Below this, you can see the details of my Project Manager's Immersion Program. This is our most comprehensive course, available when your people need it, with over 50 customisable templates built in.

And, if you need to train three or more people, contact me for details of bulk licence discounts, and even customisation.


"This goes all the way through from being given a project to project closure. What’s more you will be able to do it with your own projects which is the key to the way Mike Clayton has put it together.

So, I say: 'Invest, invest invest!' You get nothing by not investing in yourself and the return on investment will be multiplied many times over."

... Ron Rosenhead, Chief Executive, Project Agency

What will you Get?

You will get a mountain of material to give you
all the basics of
Project Management:

  • Content equivalent to a 4-day live training workshop
  • An estimated 12 hours of high quality video tuition
  • Audio podcast versions of all video lectures
  • Downloadable workbook, templates and bonus articles.
  • Over 100 bite-size videos to watch anywhere, anytime.
  • Average video length 6-10 minutes.

I have invested thousands of hours of learning, using and testing these ideas.
I have delivered thousands of hours of project management training.
Everything I have learned has contributed to this training.

Compare the costs

  • Live training costs from $250 - $750 per day. This program is the equivalent of four days of classroom training.
  • A project coach or mentor will charge you from $150 to $700 per hour.
  • Book me for a day in the UK for up to $3,000. Yes, my clients do pay that.
  • ... and what is the true cost of discovering all of this material by piecing together YouTube videos, blog posts and articles online, with conflicting terminology, different systems, and variable reliability?

A solid start to the Project Management career you deserve

Your Instructor

Mike Clayton
Mike Clayton
Dr Mike Clayton

... is one of the most successful and in-demand project management trainers in the UK, and has been for over 12 years.

He is a prolific blogger, contributor to ProjectManager.com and Project (the journal of the Association for Project Management - APM), and author of 13 best-selling books, including four about project management.

Between 1990 and 2002, Mike was an successful project manager, leading large project teams and delivering complex projects for clients, as a consulting Senior Manager with the London office of Deloitte.

In 2016, Mike launched OnlinePMCourses for people who want to build your project career. You'll find a wide range of courses and other resources to help you become a better project manager. The programs will give you clear, practical knowledge, made easy to understand and apply.

But OnlinePMCourses won't just be a set of training videos. The programs will help you to transform yourself into the project manager you want to be. In time, Mike hopes to build you the most comprehensive portfolio of project management self-development resources on the web.

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Class Curriculum

Before You Start...

  • Read Me First
  • Meet Your Instructor (4:18)
  • Your Continuing Professional Development
  • How to Take this Course
  • What Else Can You Be Doing?
  • How to Manage a Great Project

What is Project Management?

  • Introduction to Section 1: What is Project Management?
  • What is a Project? (4:05)
  • What is Project Management? (4:51)
  • Eddie Obeng's Project Types (12:48)
  • Attitudes to Project Management (4:30)
  • Aladdin Exercise (3:46)
  • Some final tips...
  • What is Project Management? Podcasts

The Project Lifecycle

  • Introduction to Section 2: Project Lifecycle
  • The Project Lifecycle (5:53)
  • The Number of Project Stages (2:43)
  • Why Split Your Project into Stages? (7:18)
  • The Project 'S Curves' (5:30)
  • The Project Gateway Process (8:28)
  • Project Gateway Criteria (9:11)
  • Some final tips...
  • The Project Lifecycle Podcasts

Project Definition

  • Introduction to Section 3: Project Definition
  • Deliverables - Products - Outcomes (6:16)
  • Goal and Objectives (3:23)
  • The Triple Constraint (TCQ or Iron Triangle) (7:42)
  • Introducing Project Scope (8:00)
  • Scope and Scope Creep (7:33)
  • Scoping Tools (8:48)
  • Other Things to Include in your Project Definition (3:25)
  • Deliverables and Specifications (3:13)
  • Project Discovery
  • Project Purpose (4:17)
  • The Key Project Roles (2:28)
  • Project Kick-off Meeting (12:41)
  • Tools and Templates used in the Project Definition Stage
  • Some final tips...
  • Project Definition Podcasts

Business Case

  • Introduction to Section 4: Business Case
  • Business Case (7:43)
  • Preparing Your Business Case (17:23)
  • Discounted Cash Flow Methods (10:58)
  • Benefits Management (14:17)
  • Tools and Templates used in Creating a Business Case
  • Some final tips...
  • Business Case Podcasts

Planning Basics

  • Introduction to Section 5: Planning Basics
  • The Book of the Plan (5:26)
  • The Main Components of your Plan (2:10)
  • Health and Safety (5:42)
  • Quality in Projects (4:12)
  • Quality Planning (6:38)
  • Bonus Lecture: What is Capabilities Based Planning? (3:13)
  • Bonus Article: 12 Project Planning Mistakes… and How to Fix Them
  • Tools and Templates associated with these Planning Basics
  • Some final tips...
  • Planning Basics Podcasts

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Planning

  • Introduction to Section 6: Stakeholder Engagement
  • Origin of Stakeholders (4:52)
  • The Stakeholder Engagement Process (4:04)
  • Identifying Your Stakeholders (3:59)
  • Stakeholder Analysis (2:56)
  • The Project Manager - Sponsor Relationship (4:00)
  • Stakeholder Triage (10:05)
  • Stakeholder Triage: Some Tips & Advice (10:00)
  • Alternative Approaches to Stakeholder Triage (8:30)
  • Diffusion of Innovations (4:36)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategies (5:57)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan (2:39)
  • Communication Plan (5:43)
  • Alternative Communications Media (3:54)
  • The Influence Agenda
  • Tools and Templates used in Stakeholder Engagement
  • Some final tips...
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Planning Podcasts

Project Organization

  • Introduction to Section 7: Project Organization
  • Project Organizational Structure (4:37)
  • Roles and Responsibilities (6:49)
  • The Project Manager's Roles and Responsibilities (7:15)
  • The Project Team's Roles and Responsiblities (3:27)
  • Project Governance (7:20)
  • Project Board Structure (9:09)
  • The Relationship Between the Project and the Business (3:56)
  • Tools and Templates used for Planning and Managing your Project Organization
  • Some final tips...
  • Project Organization Podcasts

Milestone Planning

  • Introduction to Section 8: Milestone Planning
  • What are Milestones? (0:47)
  • Milestone Planning: Creating your Project Timeline (4:09)
  • Milestones Progress Markers (7:08)
  • Milestone Charts (4:30)
  • Progress as a Motivator (3:29)
  • Tools and Templates used in Milestone Planning
  • Milestone Planning Podcasts

Work Breakdown Structure (and related tools)

  • Introduction to Section 9: Work Breakdown Structure
  • Work Breakdown Structure (7:15)
  • WBS Planning: Creating your Work Breakdown Structure (7:25)
  • Budgeting with a Cost Breakdown Structure (5:27)
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure (3:54)
  • Work Stream and Work Package Management (2:38)
  • Product Breakdown Structure (6:07)
  • Risk and other Breakdown Structures (4:08)
  • Work Breakdown Structure Podcasts

Network Charts and Core Planning Concepts

  • Introduction to Section 10: Network Charts and Core Planning Concepts
  • Basic Network Chart (7:20)
  • Critical Path and Risk (3:07)
  • Dependencies: Predecessors and Successors (4:02)
  • Lag (1:55)
  • Float on the Critical Path (5:44)
  • Costing from a Network (5:51)
  • CPM and PERT (17:20)
  • Network Charts and Core Planning Concepts Podcasts

Gantt Charts

  • Introduction to Section 11: Gantt Charts
  • Introduction to the Gantt Chart (4:31)
  • Reading a Gantt Chart (Exercise) (5:17)
  • Creating a Gantt Chart (Exercise)
  • Estimating (14:43)
  • Negotiating Project Contingency (4:18)
  • Rolling-up Your Gantt Chart (2:07)
  • Islands of Stability: How to Deliver on Schedule (9:10)
  • Tools and Templates used in Gantt Chart Planning
  • Gantt Charts Podcasts

Resource Planning & Resource Management

  • Introduction to Section 12: Resource Planning and Resource Management
  • RACI Chart (5:10)
  • Linear Responsibility Chart (5:30)
  • Linear Responsibility Chart Exercise (8:18)
  • Linear Responsibility Chart - Quantitaive Analysis (6:21)
  • 'The Triple Constraint won't solve your problems...' (4:41)
  • Jiminy Cricket Effect (9:40)
  • Work Package Definition (5:04)
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Tools and Templates Used in Resource Planning and Management
  • Some final tips...
  • Resource Planning & Resource Management Podcasts

Project Team Leadership

  • Introduction to Section 13: Project Team Leadership
  • Project Team Kick-off (6:26)
  • The Roles of a Project Leader (9:07)
  • The Four Essentials of Team Leadership (10:26)
  • Four Essentials: The Individual (3:45)
  • Four Essentials: The Plan (6:32)
  • Four Essentials: The Team (6:22)
  • The Four Essentials: Communication (5:14)
  • Brilliant Project Leader
  • Some final tips...
  • Project Team Leadership Podcasts

Risk Management

  • Introduction to Section 14: Risk Management
  • The Definition of Risk (1:26)
  • Risk Potential Review (7:38)
  • Risk Management Process (4:17)
  • Risk Identification (5:24)
  • Risk Identification: SPECTRES (6:09)
  • Risk Identification: Risk Breakdown Structure (4:46)
  • Risk Identification: Pre-Mortem (5:10)
  • Characterizing Risk (4:48)
  • Risk Analysis (6:48)
  • Risk Analysis: Triggers (2:10)
  • The Six Strategies for Handling Risk (7:18)
  • Contingency Planning (10:43)
  • Risk Monitoring and Control (7:32)
  • The Risk Register (4:34)
  • The Risk Register: A Detailed Look (10:01)
  • Risk Happens!
  • Tools and Templates to Use for Risk Management
  • Some final tips...
  • Risk Management Podcasts

The Delivery Stage

  • Introduction to Section 15: Project Delivery Stage
  • Monitor and Control Loop (8:20)
  • Project Reporting (5:07)
  • Project Reporting: A Close Look (16:19)
  • Exception Reports (4:58)
  • Earned Value Analysis (EVA) (10:43)
  • Change Control (6:27)
  • The Governance of Change Control (6:10)
  • Rust Never Sleeps (9:50)
  • What to Do when You're Up Against It (12:00)
  • Resilience (7:52)
  • Brilliant Project (8:42)
  • Tools and Templates used in the Delivery Stage
  • Some final tips...
  • Delivery Stage Podcasts

Project Closure

  • Introduction to Section 16: Project Closure Stage
  • Closing Down Your Project (5:46)
  • Outcomes Review (3:39)
  • Reviewing Lessons Learned (4:59)
  • Admin Tips - for Closing your Project (3:44)
  • Tools and Templates to Use in the Project Closure Stage
  • Some final tips...
  • Project Closure Podcasts

Additional Bonus Content

  • Projects, Programs, and Portfolios (5:24)
  • Software Tools for Project Planning (5:22)
  • Professional Project Management Bodies and Qualifications (9:25)
  • What is PRINCE2? (5:53)
  • What is Agile Project Management? (13:08)
  • What is a Growth Mindset? (4:17)
  • Your Bonus Articles
  • Glossary eBook: Decode the Jargon of Project Management
  • Bonus Content Podcasts

Before You Leave...

  • Lessons Learned Review: Your Continuing Professional Development
  • PMI PDUs
  • What did You Think of This Course? (1:29)
  • Specialist Courses
  • Celebration & Completion Certificate (0:18)

Should I go for this course, or the
Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program?

That's a great question.

First of all, both courses are designed for new project managers. So the question to ask yourself is 'how deep do you want to go?'

  1. Are you serious about succeeding in your first significant project?
  2. Are you interested in making your next project a secure base for more project work, and maybe a project management career?

If the answer is yes to both of these questions, you would be wise to consider this course: the Project Manager's Immersion Program. It has over 120 videos: 12 hours of material.

If the answer is yes to the first question, but not to the second, then the shorter Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program may well be the one for you. It has over 50 videos: over 5.5 hours of material.

Why not compare the curriculum listings?

To open a second window or tab in your browser, click here to see the Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program.

But here is the best bit...

My 'easy-upgrade' promise.

If you buy and enjoy any of our courses and want to extend your learning to a higher-tier course, you will always be able to upgrade to the next tier with the price you paid discounted from the current best cost of the new course.

Please note, however, that we may not be able to repeat any discounts that are currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What do I get for my money?
25 years of experience! Seriously, you get the equivalent content of my live 2-day workshop, including videos, audio, workbooks and downloadable templates and articles. And you'll have lifetime access to all of this, on any internet-connected device.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How secure is my payment?
Your payment will go through industry leading video training platform Teachable. And you'll get Teachable's 30-day money-back guarantee.
What format will the downloads be in?
Your downloads will all be in standard formats; a mixture of PDF, XLS, DOCX, and MP3 formats.
When will I get access to the course?
We are working on it now. We plan to launch this program mid July 2016. But as a project manager you'll know we are sometimes faced with choices of meeting schedule or getting the quality right. We'd rather launch late, and get it right.
I've another question...
That's fine. Just email me, Mike Clayton, at Mike(a)OnlinePMCourses.com.
What if I want more?
That's what OnlinePMCourses is here for. We'll be developing more training, including long and short video programs to meet every learning need for someone like you, who plans to build a successful project management career.

How does the Subscription Edition Differ?

The only difference - apart from the way you pay for it - is that the videos are not downloadable in the Subscription Edition.

Everything else is the same, and all the other documents are downloadable: the templates, podcasts, articles, worksheets, exercises...

Get started now!

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