Change Log

Added January 2023

  1. New video interview: Nicholas Dacre, on the impact of AI on the Project Management profession
  2. Added reading recommendations: from McKinsey and BCG

Added February 2023

  1. Added reading recommendations

Added March 2023

  1. New video interview: Stuart Easton on predictive AI in portfolio selection (my favorite interview on AI to date - covers so much more than the title topic)
  2. Added reading recommendations - and separated core reading from updates. Now two separate lectures

Added April 2023

  1. New Video: How can AI Transform Project Management?
  2. New Video: How to Use Machine Learning in Project Estimating, Scheduling, and Planning
  3. Article: Link to website article, How AI Knowledge will Help Your Project Management Career
  4. Added reading and video recommendations - to keep you up-to-date.

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