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  Changes: Change Requests and Change Log

'Life is Change. How it Differs from the Rocks.'

This toolset is neither complete nor perfect. In the 'Suggest a New Checklist' module, you can tell me any ideas you have for new checklists. Use the comments box in this module to suggest changes.

The table below is a change log, so you can check quickly for any changes.

Change Log

Changes made Date
Initial set of checklists uploaded 20 October, 2016
Update to Checklist 11.01: Naming Your Project 31 October, 2016
Addition of Zipped flies with all checklists: .pdf and .docx (Word) formats. 12 December, 2016
Addition of Brilliant Project checklist to Basic Checklists 16 January, 2017
Addition of Business Case Development Checklist to Business Case Checklists 13 February, 2017
Addition of Boost Your Project Team's Performance to Project Delivery Checklists 13 March 2017
Revised and enlarged version (v2) of Change Control process (8.04) added to Project Delivery section 28 August 2017