Introducing 'Project Management Fundamentals'

The next four videos you'll see form a series called: Project Management Fundamentals.

Each video is around 12 minutes and will introduce you to the absolute essentials of one of the four stages of Project Management .

This is a short video introduction to that series.

It's only 90 seconds, but do feel free to skip it.

The series will address four questions:

  1. Does your Project have a Firm Foundation from Day 1?
  2. What are the Ten Things You Need to Build into Your Project Plan?
  3. Are You Really In Control of Your Project?
  4. What are the Essential Disciplines for Closing Your Project?

You will learn:

  1. How to Define your Project to Assure the Success You Want
  2. How to Create a Robust Project Plan that covers All the Essentials
  3. How to Maintain the Correct rhythm for the Project delivery Heartbeat
  4. How to Close your Project when You Know its over, but it Never seems to End

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