A Full List of Templates

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Project Definition Templates

  • One Page Project Definition
  • Project Definition Document
  • Assumptions Log
  • RAID Log: Project Definition version

Business Case Templates

  • Project Budget
  • Business Case Outline
  • Business Case
  • Project Budget Tracking template (.xls)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Project Value Worksheet
  • DCF Worksheet

Stakeholder Engagement Templates

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Planner
  • Basic Stakeholder Plan
  • Message Calendar
  • Stakeholder Communication Plan
  • Single Stakeholder Communication Plan
  • Communications Approach Grid
  • Call Log
  • Call Record Sheet
  • Calls to Make
  • Stakeholder Interests Map
  • Stakeholder Triage

Project Governance Templates

  • Sample Role Descriptions

Project Planning Templates

  • Book of the Plan
  • Book of the Plan File Index
  • Project Plan Checklist
  • Milestone Table
  • Gantt Chart (.doc)
  • Gantt Chart (.xls)
  • Schedule of Deliverables
  • Project Resource Plan
  • Health & Safety Plan
  • Quality Plan
  • WBS Dictionary
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix

Risk Management Templates

  • Risk Register (.doc)
  • Risk Register (.xls)
  • Full Risk Register
  • Risk Action Plan
  • Risk Potential Review
  • Risk Response Plan

Project Delivery Templates

  • Progress Report
  • Exception Report
  • Milestone Status report
  • Change Request Log (.doc)
  • Change Request Log (.xls)
  • Change Request
  • Earned Value Analysis (EVA) - also called Earned Value Management (EVM) (.xls)
  • Project Budget Tracking template (.xls)
  • RAID Log: Project Control version
  • Project Deliverable Tracking

Project Team Management Templates

  • RACI Chart
  • Responsibility Chart (.xls)
  • Responsibility Grid (.doc)
  • Work Package Definition
  • Skills Requirement Schedule
  • Daily Stand-up

Project Closure Templates

  • Project Closure Checklist
  • Project Closure Memo
  • Project Closure Report
  • Project Completion Report
  • Operational Transition Memo

Miscellanous Templates

  • Lessons Learned Report
  • Lessons Learned Log
  • Project Meeting Agenda
  • Project Meeting Minutes

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