Changes: Change Requests and Change Log

'Life is Change. How it Differs from the Rocks.'

This toolset is neither complete nor perfect. In the 'Suggest a New Template' module, you can tell me any ideas you have for new templates. Use the comments box in this module to suggest changes.

The table below is a change log, so you can check quickly for any changes.

Change Log

Changes made Date
Initial set of templates uploaded 24 November, 2016
Added zipped file containing all of the templates, in files. 12 December 2016
Added zipped file containing a set of 20 Project Essentials Templates. 12 December 2016
Added Assumptions Log template to Project Definition section 8 May 2020
Added Earned Value Analysis spreadsheet to Project Delivery section 10 October 2021
Minor correction to Project Budget template 12 October 2021
Added Project Budget Tracking template (Excel) to Business Case and Delivery sections 12 October 2021
Added WBS dictionary template (Excel format) 10 August 2022
Added Daily Stand-up template 10 August 2022
Added Stakeholder Triage spreadsheet 15 November 2022
Requirements Traceability Matrix
15 November 2022
Simple Risk Register spreadsheet file updated to include Issue Register 28 June 2023

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