Thank You for Buying the Premium Edition

Thank you for Buying the Premium edition of Your PMP Exam Prep Guide

Like the Standard Edition, this is divided into 14 sections.

Each section has a downloadable PDF file that offers advice, guidance, and resources for studying a part of the PMBoK®.

  • Section 1 will get you started
  • Section 2 covers ethics, Brain Dumps, and Lessons Learned
  • Section3 covers Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of PMBoK®
  • Section 5 to 13 each cover one of the Project Management Knowledge Areas* (KAs)
  • Section 14 covers award of your PMP, and what comes afterwards

* note that we have put the PMBoK's first KA (Project Integration Management last. We explain why we think this will help you, and many of our users have agreed. However, if you choose to follow the sequence of PMBoK that is your choice.

So How does the Premium Edition Differ?

An excellent question. The answer is:

In lots of ways...

  • Many of the PDF files have additional content
    In particular, they have additional excursus articles where Markus explains parts of your syllabus. Having learnt these topics and understood them fully, Markus shares his understanding of additional some tricky concepts like:

    • Project Requirements and Project Scope
    • Free Float vs Total Float
    • Cost Baseline vs Cost Budget
    • Quality vs Grade
    • Project Team vs Project Management Team
    • Push Communication vs Pull Communication
    • Residual Risk vs Secondary Risk
    • Contract Types
    • Getting Stakeholders on Your Side
  • Mock Exam Questions based on the 10 Knowledge Areas
    For each KA, there are 10 mock exam questions for you to try; 100 in all.
  • Specially developed tools like:
    • PMP Application and Eligibility tracking tool
    • Mock PMP Exam Result tracking tool
    • Exam Prep Book comparison table
    • Contact Hours recording tool
  • Ten additional Lessons Learned accounts from new PMPs
  • Additional Guides
    • How to Learn
  • Additional guidance for when you pass your PMP
    • How to earn PDUs (for free - extra tips)
    • How to claim your PDUs
  • Bonus resources to help you close your project down

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