The Project Lifecycle

This video will ensure you are fully familiar with the project lifecycle and the principal stages within it. We are using the term 'Definition' to describe the first stage. Note that other terms are around. In particular, if you are studying for the PMI's PMP qualification, PMI uses the terms:

  • 'Starting the Project' in its four-stage lifecycle description
  • 'Initiating' in its label of the first of its five process areas

You may also be aware that, although PMI has a four-stage lifecycle model, it identifies five process areas. At OnlinePMCourses, we discuss the Executing Process Group and the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group within the 'Delivery Stage', which is described as 'Carrying out the Work' in the PMI Lifecycle model.

The Four Stages of the Project Lifecycle

The four essential stages of the basic project lifecycle are:

  1. Definition
    Defining what your project is, and is not.
  2. Planning
    Determining the scheduling, budgeting and resourcing for delivery of your project.
  3. Delivery
    The implementation stage. This is where you make things happen.
  4. Close
    It is always important to shut your project down in an orderly fashion.

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