Welcome to your Project Manager's Project Definition Kit.

This is a 12-week course in how to get your projects off to a great start.

Define Your Project with Precision

The essential skill for a Project Manager at the start of your project, is to build a firm foundation.
To do this, you need to define your project with precision.

This is not to suggest that, once defined, your project can never change. Of course it can.
But it does mean that you will have the basis to plan with confidence.

An Innovative Program

This course is an innovative program that blends:

  • A weekly email to guide you
  • Extensive video tutorials
  • Tools, templates and checklists
  • Supplementary articles

At the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding of the components of a robust project definition. And you'll have the tools and techniques to assemble them in your project.

So you will be able to start your next project with confidence. You'll:

  • Know what you need to do
  • How to do it
  • ...and be certain that your definition will be sound

In short, this course will let you hit the ground running.

So, Let's Get Started

We have three videos for you to watch, and some great resources to download and review.
This Unit will take you between 20 and 40 minutes to complete.

So, navigate to the Welcome section of your course, and dive in.

Project Lifecycle

First, I'd like you to watch the video 'The Project Lifecycle'. This video will ensure you are familiar with the project lifecycle and the principal stages within it. We are using the term 'Definition' to describe the first stage. Note that other terms are around. In particular, if you are studying for the PMI's PMP qualification, PMI uses the terms:

  • 'Starting the Project' in its four-stage lifecycle description
  • 'Initiating' in its label of the first of its five process areas

The Basics of Project Management

Second, I have a short video to introduce you to a simple 8-step approach to project management. This is not directly about project definition. So, if you are familiar with the basics of Project Management, feel free to skip it. But, if you have five minutes to spare, it'll be a useful orientation for you.

I've also added an article that summarizes the same material.

Define Your Project

The third video I'd like you to watch gets you to the meat of this section. It introduces you to the basics of Project Definition.

It will set you up for the next ten units of this course. It describes the components of your project definition. It's these we'll look at in detail over the coming weeks.

We've also included a one-page Project Definition template that goes with the video.

Bonus Material

There's also a bonus module in this section for you to look at. It contains:

An article from our website: 'Clear Project Brief (10 Things to Include)'. This does not cover exactly the same ground as the Defining Your Project video. But it is complementary to it.

The Project Definition Checklist from our Project Checklists Toolkit

Next Week

Next week, we'll be looking at the first and most fundamental part of your definition. We'll understand your goal and your purpose. We'll see exactly what each one is and why they are different.

If you really cannot wait, we haven't locked access to your course materials. Just move on to the next section in your course materials.

Some courses drip out information at a rate to suit the trainer. But we know everyone learns in their own way. And you may need all the content now, because you have a project starting soon. You've paid for it. It's yours.

So, until next time...

All the best


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